About the Author

Hey there. I’m Damien Garofalo.

I am weak, but Jesus is strong. I am a sinner, yet I am clothed in Jesus’ righteousness. I was born dead in sin, yet I am made alive by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I have a particular burden for the unity of Christ’s people. I am aware, though, that this is going to have to be a supernatural work! Any part I can play in the unity of the church is a privilege for me – though I am not interested in unity at the expense of truth. This blog has been running around in my mind for almost a year now, and I’m glad to finally publish it.

I recently received a degree in Education and I’m tutoring students in the meantime. I also have a degree in Biblical Studies.

My other blog, chronicling my journey through fundamentalism, ended in 2010: Return to Biblicism. I continue to contribute to a blog dedicated to the Bible-version controversy: The King James Only Debate Blog.

I enjoy serving the Lord and communing with his people at Bread of Life Fellowship in Wayne, New Jersey.


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