About the Blog

The goal of this blog is specific: to redeem terminology that has been ignored, misused, or misunderstood in Christianity.

The Christian church has given us a rich bank of words, but theological movements and trends have oftentimes abused those words until they are viewed with great suspicion. What comes to the mind of a contemporary evangelical when he hears the word “tradition” or the phrase “means of grace?” How does a conservative Christian view phrases like “social justice?” How does a more social-savvy Christian think of the word “repent?”

Jesus’ desire is for his church to be united (John 17). Of this truth there is little contention. However, how can we get there if we don’t even share the same vocabulary? Now, this blog is not an attempt to achieve a fabricated ecumenism; but part of getting to know the differences that divide us is to at least acknowledge the proper definitions of and historical contexts in which Christian terminology develops.

As a permanent disclaimer, this site is not an attempt to say “therefore Christians should use these words.”  Who am I to suggest such a thing? I understand the need to choose words carefully, and different contexts call for different terms. However, I hope the site is helpful in redeeming the intent and usefulness of vocabulary that has too often been cast aside in modern Christianity.


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