1: “Religion”

I’ve been toying around with the idea for this blog for almost a year, but a recent viral video prompted me to begin now. On January 10th, Jefferson Bethke posted a video of a poem he recites called, “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus.” At the time of this blog post, the video already has over 3 million hits and his been linked to and commented on from a variety of online sources.

Let me say at the outset, I am primarily satisfied with the message of the video and happy that it has reached so many people and caused us all to think.  I took  special notice of it the day after it went viral, in which many of my friends on Facebook were sharing the video, most favorably. Some other friends commented on the poet’s misuse of the word “religion,” and several discussions ensued.

Here is the video:

Before delving into the issue about the word “religion,” I want to note the things I enjoyed from brother Bethke’s poem.

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